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Recommended Reading 
Collie Concept by: Mrs. George H. (Bobbee) Roos
How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by: David H. Neil and Clarice Rutherford
Tricks of the Trade by: Pat Hastings with Erin Ann Rouse
A Celebration of the Working Collie by: Cindy M. Dorsten
The Complete Collie by: The Collie Club of America
On Talking Terms with Dogs Calming Signals by: Turid Rugaas
Timmy's in the Well: The Jon Provost Story by: Jon Provost and Laurie Jacobson
Your Dog Needs To Be Spayed Or Neutered – Right?  by: Will Falconer DVM 
​I don’t want a show dog; I just want a pet  by:  Joanna Kimball
Puppy buyer etiquette by: Joanna Kimball
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I was the 2015 recipient of the  Collie Health Foundation President's Trophy 
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If you are interested in a Qualteri Collie please fill out the application and submit it via email. 

I was the 2019 and 2021 reciepent of the Cheyenne Kennel Club President's Award